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Jan 17 2018

Why Dental Cleanings are Important for Pets – Save 15%

Bad Breath? Pet Seems Hesitant to Eat? Pawing At Their Mouth? These are signs of DENTAL DISEASE!

Schedule a dental cleaning appointment today – save 15% through February!

Dogs & cats experience the same dental problems as human, including plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to gingivitis and dental disease.

Besides causing BAD BREATH, pet dental disease:
* Releases bacteria into the bloodstream
* Increases risk for heart, liver and kidney disease
* Can cause severe pain and problems for your pet

Annual dental cleanings for pets:
* Allow us to chart dental disease over time
* Can mean less time under anesthesia
* Reduce need for more advanced and expensive treatment in future
* Improve quality of life by decreasing pain, increasing appetite and activity level
* Can add up to 2-4 years to your pet’s life!


During a dental cleaning (sometimes called a prophylaxis), plaque and tartar are removed from a pet’s teeth and the health of the entire mouth (tongue, gums, lips, and teeth) is assessed.

A thorough dental cleaning can be accomplished only while the pet is under general anesthesia. The anesthesia we use is safe for animals and your pet is monitored constantly while under anesthesia. Prior to anesthesia, blood tests are performed to help uncover any hidden illnesses.

Schedule a dental cleaning appointment today – save 15% through February!

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