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You visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and dental exams; you should do the same for your pet. It is very important to maintain the health of your pets teeth. There should be a regular professional cleaning of your pets teeth at least every six months. The procedure will include cleaning above and below the gum line, polishing of the teeth for a smooth surface and helps create a resistant to plaque builup. We also offer fluoride treatments that help strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Please be sure to pay attention to your dogs teeth as best as possible. If you see any symptoms listed below it is possible that your dog has Periodontal Disease and you need to contact your veterinarian’s office as soon as possible.

  • Very bad breath (one of the first signs of periodontal disease)
  • Red or swollen gums
  • A yellow-brown crust near the gum line
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Discomfort when mouth or gums are touched
  • Possible decreased appetite or weight loss due to difficulty chewing